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Based on my experience working with Richard for two of our homes, I know he is an exceptional realtor. As a military dependent, I am often forced to buy or sell quickly, and I found Richard's expertise and people skills to be just what we as a family needed. He helped us understand the nuances and get exactly what we needed very quickly, because he knows the Comox Valley market and takes the time to keep on top of it. Richard is knowledgeable and has the intuition and sincerity to truly care for a family and keep them upbeat through the process of buying and selling, which can normally be very stressful. I would call no one else if ever again buying or selling in the Valley.

Audrey Karperien (Kingston ON)

In this tricky market we really appreciated Richard's guidance, knowledge and patience through a timely purchase and later sale... the knowledge of the market, sensitivity to our goals and genuine care was a comfort!


Dear Prospective homeowners, It is our immense pleasure to recommend Richard as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for a home for their unique situation. We found Richard to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were his only client, although we knew that wasn't the case. He is a kind, warm, gracious person and someone who takes genuine interest in his clients His honesty and integrity, along with his extensive experience and knowledge was evident immediately. We never felt neglected or unimportant. Richard is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Richard is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever need to move again he will be our first choice in real estate agents.

Brad & Gwen Seltenrich

I listed my house before with another company and it was sitting about 4 months with no real prospects. I decided to take the house off the market until my new place became available. which was approx. 1 month and I needing to take a bit of a break. When I got all settled into my new home, I decided that I wanted to try again. Now that the house that I was trying to sell was empty, the realtors didn't have to make appts and make sure the dog and I where out at the spur of the moment. I also made an appointment for mid sep to have a painter come in and freshen up the place and also added a few new touches like new drapery and cleaned up the yard some more to look a little more appealing.

I remembered the name Anna Jorgensen when I first lived in the Valley in the early 90's, before joining the military and she was new too to the business, I was working in an insurance company at that time, When I looked her up again, that's when I noticed that she doesn't do real estate anymore, but built a team of two realtors with herself being a market consultant, also employing an Admin liaison to help with the abundance of paperwork that goes with selling and buying a home. I decided to go with a team this time and called Richard Verrier right away. Working in the military I know the value of team work. I asked some advise from Richard to get a new prospective and to see what else I can do to make my place more appealing and marketable. He said to leave things the way they are for the moment. from that point forward the place was sold. I had no more worries. :)
I would like to thank Richard for a outstanding job. We met up on a Monday and he explained everything in great detail to ensure I understood what was involved. Richard told me about an acquaintance that was interested in my type of house and set everything up right away. Within days, I had a expectable offer, and conditions were taken care before the the due date, and within few weeks everything was finalized and the cheque was in my pocket. This is what a professionals do. I always heard of others getting their houses sold this quickly but for myself I have always had to wait, This time, I guess this was my turn.

I had many personal issues in my life throughout this last year and this was the last one that needed to be finalized. Thank you Richard for my life back, I can finally move forward. I will definitely pass on your name and number to my friends, and because of my job, I will give your business card to any new/old military families that are consistently moving into and/ out of the area ( but you have to supply me with a few more business cards lol).Thank you again and again.

Jennifer B.

I really appreciated your professionalism with regards to dealing with my oh yeah but what about this and what about thats'...you were a very calming source of strength throughout the deal...your ability to connect two complex parties the buyer and seller was truly masterful-something that is not wasted on me...you have a client for life in me now. I would not hesitate to highly recommend your services to all of my friends and family! Thanks again Richard.

om Van Enter - Seller Client